About DiscoverAbility

DiscoverAbility came to be through the evolution of forming of company
whose values and mission reflect the desire to improve the lives of those with
disabilities through the power of employment.

The process of facilitating one’s own impression on what they can do, how they can be
a part of a better organization and a better community, discovering their strengths and
marketable skills, and applying those assets in the ever-evolving world of work.

Think of the process of how the caterpillar
becomes the butterfly. The transformation of
one being evolving over time, and emerging
through an absolutely amazing process, to
becoming a truly unique butterfly. This evolution
is how we help our participants harness the power
of DiscoverAbility.

was formerly

Before DiscoverAbility,
We were Two-6 Resources, Inc.

Two-6 Resources, Inc. was formed April 21, 2005 as a Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation designed to promote inclusion and diversity in the workforce through the employment of individuals with disabilities. A mission DiscoverAbility will continue to pursue. A challenge DiscoverAbility is ready to tackle. A barrier DiscoverAbility is ready to remove.

Disabled businessman wearing suit sitting in a wheelchair in an office and working on laptop.


Each and every dedicated professional at DiscoverAbility has the education, experience, and expertise needed in the vocational industry to be a helpful resource and wealth of knowledge for participants and partners. With this level of expertise, we are able to utilize our skills and capabilities to provide participants with the training and opportunities they need to succeed.


At DiscoverAbility, our participants are our passion. We devote ourselves to providing high-quality, compassionate, and reliable training and career services for every participant. We create a caring environment where participants feel heard, supported, and encouraged; where they feel motivated to discover their skills, further their training, and excel in their career.

A mature man in his 40s with down syndrome working in a supermarket. He is wearing an apron, standing in the produce section of the store, looking toward the camera with his hands on his hips.
hands holding resume


When we see our participants are happy and succeeding in their careers, we know it was a job well done. From the get-go, we are solution-based, always thinking ahead to what success will look like for each participant. We are the problem-solvers who collaborate, think outside the box, and utilize our resources and networks to ensure our participants are set up for success.


Our mission is to encourage and enhance opportunities for every person
willing to work and promote inclusion and diversity through employment.