Success Stories

Interested to know what it’s like to work with DiscoverAbility?

Check out these success stories from our participants to get a firsthand experience look into what we can do for you.


Zeke Wiggins

“I am very proud and thankful for you helping me from the beginning. DiscoverAbility has provided me with On-the-Job Training … with the help of DiscoverAbility and patient guidance, I am currently working part-time at Leesburg Regional Medical Center. I have been with the hospital for over a year now. I think it is awesome! My mom found DiscoverAbility for me through The Vocational Rehabilitation Program. I am glad she picked DiscoverAbility because they also helped me learn life strategies that help me learn to make life choices and learn life requirements. This helped me in my decision to go to college where I currently attend Lake Sumter County College.“

Morgan & Malik Burt

Brothers Morgan and Malik Burt have been with DiscoverAbility since January 2019, and in that time have completed two OJTs, PPT Job Search Training, and Self-Advocacy Training, providing them with a full plate of training and experience to help them succeed in the world of work. 

In their current OJT at DiscoverAbility partner, Island H20, they have really pulled it all together demonstrating their ability to work both alone and independently, cleaning the dining area and executing the multi-step bathroom sanitation procedures flawlessly. The ability to count on them has freed up permanent staff to focus on other important areas. 

They are pictured here with supervisors James and Glorymar, whose support and training has been essential to the boy’s success. They were awarded both the “Extra Mile” award and “Manager’s Choice” awards in recognition of their contributions. 

Congratulations Malik and Morgan — you make us proud! 


“Kadycha worked diligently with employment specialists for two years before being hired on by Disney World to work as a custodian. Once Kadycha started working, she had several barriers to overcome to be successful, but she never gave up. She started off in Hollywood Studios, mostly cleaning along busy Sunset Blvd. She then started cleaning other areas of Hollywood Studios, which became her “home.” Like many others, Kadycha was furloughed when Disney World closed, but once re-opened, Kadycha was soon called back home to clean Hollywood Studios. Shortly after re-opening, Kadycha was transferred to Animal Kingdom Lodge, where she proudly keeps the resort looking clean and also safe for guests. Kadycha has now successfully been employed by Disney World since June of 2017. She keeps in touch with her employment specialist and gives updates on her work and personal life.” – Sue Grover, MA, Employment Services Lead


“Kio first came to DiscoverAbility as a participant in 2017. He successfully completed PPT and an OJT with New Beginnings Thrift Store. He then got his first job cleaning a bank after-hours, where he worked for over one year before moving. He then completed an OJT with Marshall’s where everyone loved him. After his OJT, he started working at Publix as a bagger. He enjoys the job and his managers love his outgoing personality.” – Sue Grover, MA, Employment Services Lead


“Xadier is working within the Imagination Zone at Legoland. He works as an amusement park attendant answering guests’ questions, making sure the children’s play area is organized and clean and making sure the children stay happy. His manager, Jimmy, reports that he is doing well. It has been a dream of Xadier’s since he was a kid, to work for Legoland and the only job that he wanted. Xadier and I went for an interview at Legoland, which was his very first interview experience ever. He blew the recruiters away with his knowledge and love for Legos — he has been playing with Legos since he was very little. The interview went so well, they called Xadier and I back into the HR building to offer him a job position; a position that the manager created for him just so he can be part of the Legoland Team.” – Trenaya Reid, Employment Specialist